Multicultural Undergraduate Research Art and Leadership Symposium (MURALS)

March 25 & 26th, 2021

(abstract deadline March 5th)


MURALS 2021 will be VIRTUAL via iPoster & Zoom



The Multicultural Undergraduate Research Art and Leadership Symposium, intentionally reaches out to students of color in various disciplines and exposes them to a variety of undergraduate research opportunities.

Mentoring, presenting scholarly work, networking, and learning about multicultural leadership are four main aspects of the program.

Slated for March 25 & 26, 2021 MURALS will be a two-day event that will allow students to network and present their scholarly work (creative writing, visual and performing arts, S.T.E.M., social sciences, humanities) while graduate students and faculty provide feedback and faculty serve as mentors.  Participants will take part in academic workshops that will aid in their process of continuing their education beyond their Bachelor’s Degree.  Throughout the day students will have the opportunity to showcase their scholarly work and represent themselves, their departments and colleges to faculty, staff, peers, alumni and administration. 

Awards and accolades will be presented to students at the end of the day.


MURALS participants will be able to  

  • Increase their interaction and collaboration with students from diverse populations
  • Communicate confidently and constructively about their research/scholarly work with their peers, faculty and staff
  • Independently synthesize and extrapolate information pertaining to their own research/scholarly work, including lessons learned, strengths, and ways to improve
  • Articulate significance of independent research interests as it pertains to their field, community, nation and/or world.
  • Increase professional interaction through interpersonal skills with peers, faculty and staff
  • Understand the fundamental characteristics needed to become a successful multicultural leader


March 25th

Welcome and Workshops 

March 26th

Presentations, Posters, Alumni Panel, and Awards 


If you should have general questions please contact

- Bridgette Johnson, or at (970) 491-5781

- Dr. Melissa Edwards, or at (970) 492-4092